The First Time is a Fun Time

Courtesy of Imdb

Courtesy of Imdb

First seen at the Sundance Film Festival, The First Time, starring Britt Robertson (Life Unexpected, and The Secret Circle) and Dylan O’Brien (Teen Wolf), is a teenage romantic comedy that is about the awkward “first time” that everyone encounters. The two leads in the film meet outside a high school party, and quickly hit it off. They’re both being held back, and want to move forward. This movie tells the story of how romance can be found in the most unexpected places, and how no relationship is perfect, because in reality they can be painfully awkward one moment and amazing the next. O’Brien pulls off the ‘adorkable’ teen who is getting ready to leave high school, while Robertson portrays the younger, cool and collected blonde beauty that seems out of his league. The one thing the two have in common is that they have yet to experience the infamous “first time”. The acting in this film is raw and pure, and combined with the realistic dialogue, it makes you feel like you’re not watching actors, but the real thing. The cinematography enhances this feeling by creating the sense that you’re watching some creepy home movie where the subjects don’t know they’re being filmed. If you’re looking for an innocent and semi-cheesy teenage romance film that will make you happy, and a little bit embarrassed, this is the film for you. It was released on DVD March 12, 2013.

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