Iron Man 3, You Have Time to Pee

Courtesy of IMDb

I loved this movie, I mean it had Robert Downey Jr.’s sassy ass in it, how could you go wrong? But, you know when you go to a movie that you’re really excited about, and you really have to pee in the middle, but you don’t because you’re afraid of missing something (happened to me during Inception, pure torture)? Well, there are plenty of moments in this movie where you can relieve yourself of the pain and go pee. The plot was good, and the acting was better, but there were scenes in this film where the audience, and myself, got kind of bored. The thing that I was most disappointed about was the lack of badass Iron Man moments. Yeah, Downey Jr. was badass in other ways and dug into something a little deeper than his egotistical outer shell, but ironically enough I wanted more action and less emotion. People talk about how movies are all about the explosions and machines and action, and how we’ve lost the appreciation of anything deeper, which I don’t agree with at all, there are still people that want the deeper connection to the story. But, in this case I went to the movie not only expecting, but wanting action and explosions and Iron Man’s cocky hot ass in that metal suit and I was a little sad when I didn’t get a lot of it.

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