Courtesy of IMDb

Courtesy of IMDb

The newest rendition of the classic tale of Cinderella has arrived. Starring Lily James, best known for her role in Downton Abbey, and Richard Madden, known for Game of Thrones, this version of the story strays very little from the animated version made, also by Disney, in 1950. Directed by Kenneth Branagh, also a famous actor known for his roles in films such as Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Harry Potter, the film is undoubtedly a cinematic blockbuster… not surprising with its $95 million budget. The CGI and the costumes come together to create a beautiful array of imagery, and the storyline is one loved by many. Although the actors are all gorgeous, particularly Cate Blanchet in her role as the evil stepmother, the chemistry between Prince Kit and Cinderella was a bit lacking. In the actors’ defense they only had a handful of scenes together, however it would have been nice to see a little more depth in the characters. The only other slight disappointment was the lack of singing in the film. With the Disney name behind it I entered the theater expecting at least a few ballads. With that said, it was a wonderfully entertaining film, and if you enjoy the classic fairytale you will not regret going to see this movie.

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