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Drinks All Around

Drinking alcohol has become a popular aspect of college culture. The media, such as the famous film Animal House released in 1978, shows us exaggerated portrayals of college students, and the extent to which they consume alcohol with characters like John Belushi’s ‘Bluto’ who carries a bottle with him almost everywhere he goes. 

The public has many misconceptions of how often students drink. For example, Bud Walkup, an education specialist at the University of Maine’s Student Wellness Resource Center, went to a high school to speak with students and one told him college students drink every day. In reality, approximately 20% of college students don’t drink at all, and others who do are not usually negatively affected, according to Walkup. 

This documentary takes a look at student’s drinking habits, and what happens when they get caught. 

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Fire and Ice

 A collaboration with Alan Bennett (

What do ancient volcanoes, polar ice, modern storms and a Texan all have in common?

A lot more than you might think.

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UMaine’s Veteran Appreciation

Veteran’s Day was declared an official holiday on June 1, 1954. It was previously Armistice Day in celebration of peace and the veterans of World War One. In 1954, legislation changed the name to Veteran’s Day, so not only WWl vets were remembered, but all veterans. This change was largely influenced by World War Two.

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Maine Advertising

Old Town, Maine, is an old mill town with a population of approximately 7,720 people. On every block houses are lined up one by one adjacent to the pavement. When you look into their lawns you see what you would expect, like cars, children’s toys, lawn care equipment and lawn decorations. What is interesting about walking down a tight-knit string of neighborhoods is what you don’t expect to see.

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The New News

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 10.32.19 AM

As we all know newspapers are becoming less and less popular with the new generations. People in the younger generations aren’t sitting down with their morning coffee and reading a tangible newspaper, they’re looking at their smartphones and getting constant updates from twitter and online papers. This sounds great to me, not having to wait for the weekly or daily paper to be delivered to your door, just having to reach for my phone and get immediate updates on the latest story. With this amount of convenience how can this constant connection to the news be bad?

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