Maine Advertising

Old Town, Maine, is an old mill town with a population of approximately 7,720 people. On every block houses are lined up one by one adjacent to the pavement. When you look into their lawns you see what you would expect, like cars, children’s toys, lawn care equipment and lawn decorations. What is interesting about walking down a tight-knit string of neighborhoods is what you don’t expect to see. The summer months and early fall are popular times to try to sell things you don’t need or want anymore. Many people give those things to Goodwill or the Salvation Army, or maybe have a yardsale if they’re feeling inspired. Some people, however, decide they want to run their luck with selling the item or items on their front lawn. As you walk the streets of Old Town, Maine, you will find houses and cars for sale, but you will also find things you aren’t expecting.


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