UMaine’s Veteran Appreciation

Veteran’s Day was declared an official holiday on June 1, 1954. It was previously Armistice Day in celebration of peace and the veterans of World War One. In 1954, legislation changed the name to Veteran’s Day, so not only WWl vets were remembered, but all veterans. This change was largely influenced by World War Two.


The University of Maine’s Veterans Education and Transition Services and the ROTC program have held ceremonies on Veteran’s Day for years, but in the last few years UMaine has made more of an effort to show their appreciation for those who serve. This year the VETS office, ROTC and the UMaine Student Veteran’s Advisory Committee came together to create Veteran Appreciation Week with a series of lectures and special events to remember and celebrate the people who have, and will continue to protect this country.


Beginning next year, UMaine will no longer hold classes or activities on Veteran’s Day.


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