Identity Thief Will Steal Your Time and Your Money


Courtesy of Imdb

Courtesy of Imdb

Starring comic geniuses Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy, Identity Thief leaves the audience surprisingly disappointed. The film tells the story of a married man, Batemen, with two kids and another on the way, who has his identity stolen by a woman, McCarthy, in Florida. In order to get his finances and life back on track, he must travel to Florida and bring the woman back to his hometown in Colorado so she can clean up the mess she created. What Bateman thought was going to be an easy mission turned out to be a dangerous road-trip across the country with debt collectors and bounty hunters on their trail. The film has few redeeming qualities, and even fewer comedic moments that make you genuinely laugh. If you do laugh, it may not be because the content of the scene is funny, but rather because you don’t know any other way to process what you’re seeing or hearing. The writers failed miserably at adding depth to their characters, which leaves the audience not caring what happens to them. The plot also lacks background information, which makes the story confusing and makes you wonder why the hell any of it is happening. Identity Thief is the kind of movie you wait to rent on your movies-on-demand channel or go to the grocery store to rent it from the redbox for a dollar. This comedic catastrophe is not worth the price of a movie ticket, so save your money. You can enjoy all of the funny scenes of the movie in the two and a half minute trailer below.

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